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I didn’t use to research products before purchasing them, before one accident that happened to me during 2009 winter. I was on ice fishing trip, and my ice fishing boots got damaged because of something. Long story short, I couldn’t continue my trip and just went back home. Even though I s till went ice fishing later that week, I did realize that I it was smart to spend more on best ice fishing boots to avoid bad surprises. I didn’t sleep that night, and read all about warmest ice fishing boots and decided to get one myself. Except for being warm, I also wanted boots that were durable and waterproof. I wanted them to be durable because I expected to use them for at least couple of years. I wanted my boots to be waterproof because I’ve heard of several stories when people got their feet seriously damaged because of the water leaked inside their boots. So basically I had my goal set, and all I needed was to start taking action. First of all, I used very basic tool to get information. As you can probably guess, I mean Google. I searched a lot for ice fishing gear reviews, especially concerning ice fishing boots. I can’t say that I found many, but I found one that I really liked. It broke down very useful and long information into short pieces, that was easy to understand and remember. This is the link to the article, and kbest ice fishing bootseep in mind that the owner of the website also wrote lots of reviews about other ice fishing products as well. But in this article, I want to focus on ice fishing boots. But if you are too lazy to read all the text here, you can easily find 5 best boots for ice fishing in the article linked above. Those boots are basically good for anyone. But if you are very eager to find pair of ice fishing boots that is perfect for you, then keep reading.


Best Ice Fishing Boots Brands

Let’s start by talking about the brands. There are basically 2 brands I like, Baffin and Camil. Both are great manufacturers, and both import their ice fishing boots from outside the US and Canada, usually from Asia. If you don’t mind buying imported products, I definitely recommend getting Baffin ice fishing boots. You might ask, why Baffin? There are few reasons. First of all, Baffin boots have much better online ratings and customers seem to be more satisfied with what they get. I have lots of friends who are very fond of ice fishing and I like to go ice fishing myself, and I’ve never meet anyone using any brand other than Baffin. I think that speaks a lot about the quality of this brand. On the other hand, if you prefer shopping online, you can just search for ice fishing boots and browse the products you get. Anything that has more than 4 star rating and more than couple of reviews is good. Although ordering online can be tricky, because you can’ try your boots on, and you might get boots that won’t fit your feet. On the other hand, you can always return those boots for free, and try ordering again.

It’s also very important to make sure that your boots are going to have good traction and therefore high quality outsoles. Otherwise, you might have to order cleats for your boots, which can be attached and removed easily. They usually solve the problem, but even while wearing ice fishing cleats, you aren’t totally safe from accidents. Amazon delivers your order very quickly, usually within few days. You can also try this : go to your local clothing shop, find out what size fits you best, and then order that exact size from Amazon. Also read customer reviews to make sure manufacturer doesn’t make boots too small or too large. If they do, there’s a high chance that some reviewer will mention it, saving you valuable time and money. You can still adjust your order depending on the error margin, but I wouldn’t. Because if manufacturer messed up their shoe size once, I don’t trust them anymore.

And last, but not the least, choosing warm ice fishing boots is important, but they should be comfortable as well. Some people might not agree, but I can’t wear any boots unless they perfectly fit me.

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