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Ice fishing rods are not the most expensive part of ice fishing gear, but definitely most important ones. And if you hope to catch lots of different fish, you might want to bring lots of different ice fishing rods at the same time. Because some products are made for small fish, while others are designed to handle larger predators. There are lots of other little details as well, so it’s better to read this article about ice fishing rods tocatching fish truly understand it. Ice fishing rods are smaller in size, so carrying them will be easy. At least, it was very simple for me. I traveled by car with my friends and we perfectly carried everything we needed. Although you do need to take proper care of them, because ice fishing rod can break very easily. Unfortunately, no one told me that, and one of my favorite ice fishing rods broke during the trip. Although it wasn’t the most expensive one, so I quickly replaced it. But I’m glad I learned that valuable lesson that night.

About the price – it’s usually cheaper to buy ice fishing rods and reels together in a combo. As I mentioned above, these things aren’t expensive at all. Especially if you compare them to ice fishing boots and clothes which cost few hundred dollars. I bought 3 pairs of different ice fishing rods before going to the lake for the first time. You can get more or just one, you’ll be fine. Although I must warn you that ice fishing will be a little different than you expect. About ice fishing rod-reel combos again, you should buy those because they cost a lot less and they perfectly fit each other. It’s very important to make sure that reel you have perfectly goes with your rod, or it might not be balanced and you might lose hundreds of potential fish. With perfectly balanced ice fishing rod, it’s easier to detect when fish bites and therefore it’s easier to catch them. But not everyone can assemble it, so be careful if you do it yourself. If you aren’t sure you that you can assemble it, call someone who can for help.

When choosing best ice fishing rod, also keep in mind that it’s always great to have extra fishing rod guides. Especially if your guides are high quality, they can improve your results significantly. As I mentioned above, ice fishing rods are small in size, but some old fashioned ice fishing rods might get a little heavy. But if you buy modern best-rated ice fishing rod, you’ll be fine. Overall, just read customer reviews and pay attention to online ice fishing gear ratings. And just one more thing to remember – don’t be intimidated by famous brand names. Just look for ice fishing rods that regular customers love. In fact, best ice fishing rod I have, is manufactured by some infamous brand. To sum up, you shouldn’t pay double price for just a brand name. Research the ice fishing stick very well, and if you feel like it’s worth the price, go with it.

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